For over 40 years, NKW has been located at its West Houston campus, which today is part of the famous West Houston Energy Corridor. All 40,000 square feet of NKW's modern facilities are climate-controlled, including manufacturing areas. In 2014, all climate control transitioned to geothermal, hosted by an on-site geothermal field. Manufacturing areas are laid out to LEAN principles. ISO-driven, 9001/14001/18001 integrated processes are rigorously developed & enforced by in-plant/in-house auditing and process development teams.

More than 60% of NKW's 10-acre site remains as natural, native woods. In 1996, The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department awarded certificate #703 to NKW for its preservation of native habitat inside an urban area.

Plant facilities include ample employee parking, and a separate gate for trucks. Unique on-site facilities include a pressure pit that can host full-sized downhole equipment and test instrumented payloads in-situ under pressure.

Facilities Overview

10-Acre Site

Full Perimeter Security Fencing with Access Control

40,000 sq ft Manufacturing Facilities

Geothermal Climate Control Throughout

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