January 2018

National K Works Is Now ISO 9001:2015 Certified!

National K Works Is Now ISO 9001:2015 Certified!

NKW wants to recognize its hard-working team in upgrading our ISO 9001:2008 certification to the newest ISO 9001:2015 Certification. This updated certification reaffirms NKW's commitment to quality through its Design, Manufacturing, Repair, and Testing of Thermohousings, Dewar Flasks and Pressure Housings for Downhole Wireline Tools and Equipment.

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November 2017

Wireline Pressure Housing Tests and Re-Certification

Wireline pressure housing tests and re-certification

NKW’s testing and certification technician Dan Lorquet is proud to be loading one of our customers' custom built Wireline Pressure Housings into our pressure pit. NKW provides Wireline pressure housing tests and re-certification up to 35,000 PSI (2412 Bar) in our 26' (7.92 Meter) deep pressure pit. Please reach out to us to learn more about our pressure testing and certification services in Houston, Texas.

October 2017

NKW Team Delivers Deep Water Offshore Wireline Flask

NKW Team Delivers Deep Water Offshore Wireline Flask

NKW is proud of its team members for providing excellence in service and workmanship on this 33,000 PSI rated HPHT Wireline Flask and Pressure Housing for our customer's Offshore Deepwater Telemetry tool going into an HPHT environment

September 2017

NKW New Technology Investment Opportunities

New Technology Investment Opportunities

NKW is seeking to invest in a joint venture to commercialize a disruptive Down Hole Oil & Gas Technology.

The investment would be 1 to 5 million dollars in capital plus additional engineering, manufacturing & sales. The technology should be mechanical in nature, potentially disruptive and at or beyond proto type stage.

Please submit technology by email to:

Upon receipt of your email, one of our team members will reach out to you.

May 2017

Join Us For The 2017 Offshore Technology Conference

2017 Offshore Technology Conference

We can help protect your valuable wireline electronics downhole from ultra-high-temperatures & pressure environments.

With our extensive track record of over 400 vacuum flasked wireline tools, we combine our experience and engineering expertise with our innovative technologies to help you reduce uncertainties, increase efficiency and reliability, eliminating nonproductive time at every stage.

We invite you to visit us at Booth #2000 where you'll get a chance to:

  • Learn about our new Active Cooling solution that extends downhole duration times for wireline and measure while drilling (MWD) tools;
  • Visit with one of our technical engineers to discuss your HT/HP challenges downhole;
  • Visit with our sister company Cobore to learn more about their engineered gun drilling solutions.

Whether you're experiencing challenges with thermal shock, thermal excursions or prolonged exposure to high-temp environments, we can provide you with engineered solutions to help maximize the value of your electrical assets.

We look forward to seeing you in Houston! More Information

June 2016

Our new automated parts washer awaits installationWe continue expanding our reach into both related, and entirely new, markets. We won more NASA work, hosted visits from a number of agencies, while also achieving a new strategic manufacturing relationship with a large oil industry player. NKW is leveraging its strong position to provide upfront engineering and prototyping services in exchange for manufacturing rights.

Commissioning of our Deckel Maho 200P continues, with emphasis now moving to programming and mill operations. Other new equipment being installed includes an automated parts washer. This follows recent installation of other acquisitions including a MegaBore and two Weiler E-90 lathes.

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May 2016

NKW OTC Convention boothMay kicked off with the week-long OTC convention, where visitors saw our new booth and some examples of products that we made during the past year. Our theme was "from outer space to inner space," highlighting our successful diversification into new markets including NASA.

A major reconfiguration of our plant layout began, driven by the arrival of the Deckel Maho 200P 5-Axis CNC Mill. A milling center and lathe-honing center will result, with improved workflow for production.

Our Lunch & Learn campaign continues, as we reach out to our established customers to explore new opportunities that result from our expanding capabilities. Internally, we had a Barbeque for the plant production team, as well as our traditional monthly company lunch.

April 2016

Deckel Maho DMU-200P 5-Axis CNC MillBig wonderful changes, as we've continued acquiring new machines: this month, a massive Deckel Maho DMU-200P 5-Axis CNC Mill. Its 576 sq.ft. footprint is driving an entirely new layout for the plant, which is also absorbing the two Weiler Lathes and the massive Megabore. Did we also mention the new automated parts washing station?

We successfully delivered four mounting brackets for NASA's Alpha-Magnetic Spectrometer – very complex parts that required two dedicated CNC mills, two top machinists, and two programmers.

Some massive new drill collars are under fabrication, along with production runs for various customers. Several new projects have been bid that would be significant new business for the company. Some other new efforts are being explored as well, leveraging our existing capabilities into new products and markets. Our team continues to achieve excellent results with consistently meticulous craftsmanship.

Lots of visitors toured the plant this month, as well as several important road trips that took Nick to see existing customers in California, Alabama, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Key marketing objectives were achieved, as well.

Preparations for OTC have been ongoing throughout the month, from redesigning our booth, printing brochures, building new show pieces – and lots of logistics, but it's all coming together here at the end of this month.

March 2016

Another great month. We won our third NASA manufacturing project – a fast tracked project that's required considerable programming ahead of CNC milling operations.

We've won more gun barrel work, as well.

Nick and Bill attended the SPE meeting in Fort Worth. Our marketing efforts continue to expand.

Off-site, we've held several lunch & learns at customer sites, updating everyone on our new activities and capabilities, and sharing insights as to current and future projects.

We've acquired 3 more large lathes, in part to handle large gun barrel projects.

Our OTC preparations are fast underway.

We hosted a terrific Lunch & Learn this month, featuring best-in-Texas class Barbeque from Virgies Barbeque, located on Gessner @ Tanner. The NKW-Cobore Team was briefed on our new growth in the aerospace market.

We just took our annual company photo. Thank you, Bryan!

February 2016

NKW was awarded a second NASA manufacturing contract, and these parts have already been delivered. The GC Manifold Block that we manufactured last month (destined for the international space station) is scheduled for launch in August (but maybe in May) onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

We have four Light Gas Gun (LGG) barrels currently being manufactured at our Cobore plant, which shares facilities with NKW.

As part of our new marketing outreach efforts, we had a very successful Lunch & Learn at one of customer's facilities, briefing about 50 of their staff including a number of engineers and technicians. We plan to host more L&Ls with our customers. We're finding that many of our established customers didn't realize the full extent of NKW's engineering, manufacturing, and testing capabilities.

We're seeing lots of new tool design/build projects and related manufacturing activity. Our customers are getting primed for 2018.

We've set the date for our 40th birthday party – 7 October. This date also coincides with National Manufacturer's Day. NKW plans to host separate events for both celebrations.

We're ramping up for OTC. We're at booth 3000 (near/facing the entrance), in the NRG Exhibit Hall.

January 2016

In mid-month, we performed autofrettage/hydroforming of a steel liner into a massive 8.5 ton light gas gun barrel, reaching the desired pressure of 60,000 psi / 4000+ bar in just 13 minutes. We then held that pressure for 15.5 minutes (it's a long time to hold your breath!).

On the really-small, micro-side of our production activities, our EDM shop manufactured a manifold test block - engineered to very tight specifications – that passed inspection by NASA. This fast-tracked rapid prototyping job – featuring sub-millimeter IDs with polished interior surfaces; and, intersecting holes – pushed our pros to the very limits of today's machining technology. Making the part required new process development, complemented by close coordination with NASA engineers. First Article will be delivered at the end of the month.

One of NASA's prime contractors gave us the following good news: "There are 3 classes, CLASS I Controlled, CLASS II and CLASS III. Your ASL approval now allows N-K-W to fabricate ALL Class designations up to and including Life Critical Spaceflight hardware (CLASS I)."

More good news: we completed our ISO re-certification. Our new certificate is good until September 2018, by which time we'll have implemented the new 9001:2015 standards. NKW accomplished ISO certification originally in 2010.

Our company lunch this month was fantastic – burgers, homemade chili, and homemade eggrolls! We recognized several high-year employees, and said hello to our new intern (hi, Mary!).

We've begun forming our team whom will host the company's birthday party, celebrating our 40th year! The event will be held here on campus in September. More later...

December 2015

Wow. What a year! During 4Q, we've seen new jobs and contracts with Defense, as we also expand into other market sectors that include Aerospace and Research. We're also making a big push into outreach and related marketing efforts while we expand our strategic relationships in key areas. Leaning out our manufacturing processes continues, while we continue to introduce new mills and machining. We are also implementing new initiatives designed to provide our clients with amazing, innovative new support capabilities. More in January...Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

November 2015

NKW, Inc is pleased to announce the following staff promotions: Alec Wolk has been named Executive Vice President. Chris Cavanah has been promoted to Vice President of Operations, overseeing both manufacturing and engineering. Mike Hoefer has been named Manager, Manufacturing; and, Brian Cruickshank as Manager, Product Engineering. Dan Kusmer has been named Director for Research & Development. President and CEO Nick Wolk explains that "our business is expanding into new markets that place additional requirements on our staff. Our new Lean initiative, recent CAPEX investments, and new management hires also support this growth." The company recently acquired a PUMA 480 CNC large bore lathe, further expanding in-house capabilities to manufacture large diameter wireline logging thermohousings, PBRs and other downhole tools, large gun barrels, as well as support new rapid prototyping and aerospace projects.

The US Navy has awarded NKW a Master BPA (blanket purchase agreement), expiring in November 2020. The BPA enables the Navy to purchase precision machining and related services from NKW.

October 2015

We attended SPE and HPHT conferences in Houston – great feedback from our customers! We appreciate everyone's continued loyalty.

Lean implementation continues full bore (no pun intended). Our goal is to achieve ever improving efficiencies throughout our already sophisticated manufacturing processes.

Our NKW/Cobore monthly cook-out was a success, with Stella's brisket taking center stage. This all-hands event is always a treat. Great news reported regarding our backlog, new projects, and company initiatives. Next month – Fajitas!

Brian Cruickshank has just joined us as Product Engineering Supervisor. Brian's 26-year career includes 21 years in downhole tool design.

September 2015

We just bought a PUMA – 480, adding even more capabilities to our production line, giving us a total of 30 machining centers. NKW continues to invest in its growth, with a focus on the future, even during the current bleak downturn in the energy market.

New Technology Investment Opportunities
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