Our Products

Our Products include:

  • HPHT Housings
  • Thermohousings/Pressure Housings
  • Thermoflasks/Industrial Dewar Flasks
  • Thermal Housings for Scientific Instruments/Sensors/Electronics
  • On-Site Pressure Pit
  • Extreme Thermocouple Housings
  • Integrated Downhole Tools and Sensors
  • Subassemblies
  • Marine Research Sensor HPHT Housings
  • MWD tools/Drill Collars
  • LWD tools
  • Gun Barrels/Heavy Walled Barrels for Conventional Ordnance and Gas Guns
  • Hollow Shafts with Bores featuring Complex Geometries and Angled Holes
  • Contoured Nozzles
  • Robot Components
  • Precision Machined Parts
  • Orphaned Parts Re-Design and Re-Manufacturing

We design/build sophisticated tools and parts in a technology-driven collaborative culture. Our products typically have exotic metallurgies, and intricate and precise machining, requiring exacting levels of quality control.

We do the jobs that others can't figure out. Our mostly long-term, repeat clientele includes some of the world's largest corporations: they rely on our exceptional performance and proprietary environment. Our products are exceptionally reliable. Our industry-renowned service is customer-focused in every detail.

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