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National K Works, Inc.™

Quality, Reliability, Performance

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National K Works™
HPHT Solutions

Master Craftsmanship, Exceptional Quality

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No matter what the challenge

The solution is always NKW™

About NKW

For over 40 years, National K Works, Inc.™ has provided highly engineered Thermal and Pressure management solutions for instrumentation deployed in the increasingly hostile environments found in the down hole oil and gas, geothermal, pharmaceutical, industrial, aerospace, and governmental research markets.

Quality - Reliability - Performance – Collaborative - Design & Solution Focused - Attention to Detail - Superior Design - Master Craftsmanship
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American Bureau of Shipping Quality Evaluations, Inc.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

American Bureau of Shipping

American Bureau of Shipping

International Association of Drilling Contractors

IADC Associate Member

Precision Specialists

We are specialists in designing and manufacturing round parts that require exotic metallurgies, intricate and precise machining with exacting levels of quality control. We do the jobs that others can't figure out. Our mostly long-term, repeat clientele includes some of the world's largest corporations that rely on our exceptional performance and proprietary manufacturing solutions. Our products are known for their exceptional reliability. Our legendary service is customer-focused in every detail.

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