ReAct™ Accelerated Product Commercialization & Life-Cycle Extension Service

Product commercialization that keeps pace with market demands

The pace of product development in the oil and gas industry seems to quicken exponentially every year with the market demanding innovative new offerings and continuous improvement to existing product lines. Engineering departments can find themselves overwhelmed with ever-increasing demands on their resources, making it hard to keep up with demand. That is why we have worked closely with our customers to develop the ReAct™ accelerated product commercialization and life-cycle extension service.

Reduce your product's time to market

With mechanical engineering expertise, robust manufacturing capabilities, and in-house pressure and temperature testing capabilities, NKW's ReAct™ service can take projects from customer request to a fully functional field-trial-ready product in a fraction of the time compared to conventional product development processes. Our integrated approach enables us to work concurrently across engineering and manufacturing and testing domains, drastically reducing time to market, enabling our clients to turbo charge their product lifecycle management and keep pace with market demands.

Conventional Product Development Process

Conventional Product Development Process

ReAct™ Commercialization Process

ReAct Commercialization Process

Extend your product's market relevance

Without innovation products quickly become commoditized in today's fast moving markets, but in-house engineering departments can find it hard to prioritize sustaining activities in favor of new projects. The ReAct™ service can bring new life into existing product lines and help keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Product Lifecycle Extension

Product Lifecycle Extension

Product development that integrates with your processes

Our fully documented, transparent process is fully aligned with your organization's engineering standards and requirements. Simply put we work the way you work:

  • Incremental design gate reviews to ensure collaboration and engineering oversight
  • Designs are optimized for commercial manufacturing
  • ERP-ready documents, drawings, FEA models, material specs, assembly documents, testing specs, etc.
  • Full IP Security & Discretion

Increase or defend your market share

Never tell your customers "no" again. The ReAct™ service enables you to respond quickly and cost effectively when you customers request an adaptation to your existing product lines, enabling you to stay close to them and keep your competitors out.

ReAct™ your product development

Find out if your product is a good fit for the ReAct™ service at our Project Feasibility Workshop. Bring your team together with our team and we will examine the key project parameters and timelines to see if we can add value to your product development.

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