Our Company

NKW Building ExteriorFor over 40 years, NKW has designed and manufactured innovative pressure and temperature solutions for customer instruments deployed in hostile environments. NKW's expertise is world renowned for high-pressure/high-temperature (HPHT) vacuum flasks and pressure housings. Many NKW flasks remain in service decades after they were born.

NKW also provides its customers with expertise and insight even before manufacturing our tools, during the concept development and design for manufacturing (DFM) phase. From concept, through FEA, in-depth CFD thermal modeling, and application of proprietary knowledge that spans decades and already includes over 500 vacuum flask designs, our team continues to exceed expectations.

Equipped with its engineering-led, manufacturing expertise, NKW is expanding into new, related markets with its expertise in extreme HPHT engineering. These new markets include aerospace, defense, and industrial research. For example, NKW is now qualified to manufacture NASA Class 1 Life-Critical Spaceflight Hardware. The company's activities also include product development (taking a client’s early concept to final and tested field worthy product through our engineering and manufacturing).

Our Team

NKW has always been a great place to work. Maybe that's why we have a stable staff that provides strong institutional knowledge. Led by the Wolk Family's second generation, NKW remains firmly committed to its traditional business base and customers. This vision also sees expansion into new markets, where the company’s know-how and technologies provide a rational fit.

Our employees are consistently best-of-breed, with their skills and confidence matched by their enthusiasm for working at an industry leader. NKW's work environment is always relaxed, smoothed over by the cool professionalism of a team that's simply among the best. We know our stuff.

For forty years, the company has enjoyed the good fortune of being located in West Houston's energy corridor. It puts us close to customers, and close to communities that are great places to live. We're easy to find, just northwest of the I-10 West / Sam Houston Tollway intersection.

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