Gas Gun Barrels & Launch Tubes

National K Works provides engineered manufacturing of precision smooth bore Gun Barrels and Launch Tubes. Barrel manufacturing also includes multi-barrel, long-gun systems.


  • Light Gas Guns
  • Compressed Gas Guns
  • Ordnance Barrels

Size capabilities:

  • Length = 40 feet (12.2m) maximum
  • OD = 24" (0.61m) maximum
  • ID = 0.48-14.00" (12.2-356mm) range

Manufacturing processes include:

  • Deephole Gundrilling
    • Extremely straight bores
    • Extremely concentric relationship between ID and OD throughout length of the barrel
  • Deephole Bottle Boring
    • Complex bore profiles at unlimited depths
    • Capable of smooth constantly tapered bore shapes (slightly reduced ID size on muzzle end to compensate for OD size loss of the sabot)
  • Reaming – Counterboring existing barrels to enlarge ID size and/or correct crooked bores
  • ID Honing
    • +/-.001" (.025mm) size variation
    • 4 Rms surface finish
  • ID Burnishing - Compressive layer of coldworked ID surface
  • Large diameter and long length lathe machinery
    • Precise OD sizes on long length barrels
    • Precise perpendicularity of end faces
    • Complex external and internal machined end features
  • Large diameter and long length mill machinery
    • Complex radial features (ports) and end features
  • Precision straightening long lengths
  • Measuring and reporting ID straightness, OD/ID concentricity, ID surface finish, OD straightness
  • Saw Cutting
  • Welding
  • Full material traceability

National K Works refurbishes barrels with worn bores by installing hydroformed replaceable internal liners:

  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to design liner size and hydraulic expansion pressure
  • Liner Manufacturing
  • Liner Installation / Removal / Reinstallation
  • Hydroforming Liner to 60,000 psi (414 MPa)
  • Welding
Honing Machine
Long length honing machine
Refurbished barrel with new hydroformed liner
FEA of hydroformed liner design
Bottle Boring
Bottle bored ID shape. Complex profiles and grooves at unlimited depths
Rupture Disk
Hydraulically pressure tested disk to identify exact rupture pressure
Verification of Bore Straightness
Verification of bore straightness using high resolution optics
Machining end features
Machining end features on large capacity 5 axis mill
Machining tight tolerance threads
Machining tight tolerance threads and seal features
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