Our design team utilizes a broad range of heavily customized (including NKW-proprietary) technologies and know-how, combined with a database that includes hundreds of NKW product designs that have been field tested and operationally proven. Our experience, insights and understanding of the HPHT world are unparalleled, which is why some of the biggest names in the upstream oil industry remain loyal clients of NKW.

NKW's Engineering Department's expertise includes:


  • New designs focused on customer requirements and specifications
  • Concept Development
  • Modifications to existing product designs
  • Design / Build Projects: Comprehensive Full Life Cycle Product Support
  • Design of new downhole tool components and accessories
  • Rapid New Product Prototyping
  • Contracted Research, Basic and Applied Research
  • Failure Analysis
  • Design Optimization
  • VA/VE: Value Add, Value Engineering
  • DFM: Design for Manufacturing
  • Specification Development and Review
  • Critical Design Reviews
  • Project Management
  • CFD: Computational Fluid Dynamics for thermal modeling
  • FEA: Finite Element Analysis for mechanical and pressure load and stress modeling

Our engineering is done with both Auto-Desk's Inventor and Solidworks, and we also routinely work with imported Katia files.

Project Management

Project ManagementNKW utilizes a carefully constructed project management process that is customer-driven. A project manager is always assigned for complex projects. Typically, these are either design led, or customer-service led. Design led projects are managed by our engineering department, while our dedicated customer service team manages orders for existing product designs. This is a big deal considering that we have created more than 500 engineered product designs for clients over the past four decades. Once a manager has been designated, the process is driven by a project charter, Stage Gate with customer sign offs and scheduled customer reviews with shared Gant chart status.

Product Support

Product SupportWe know better than anyone when it comes to the unique histories for each of our individual tools. As a hallmark of how they are cherished, each comes marked not only with a serial number, but also with a name.

Customers rely on our institutional memory to remember the design history, operational use, repair history, and other relevant details that frequently drive design improvements and other refurb and re-certification project requirements.

In this regard, we always want our customers to provide operations feedback. This further helps us improve our designs, and ultimately, your tool's performance. Over the years, we have amassed an extensive HPHT database with over five hundred different flask designs delivered.

Our experience has been that many of our tools remain in service for decades, generating decades of revenues for our customers.

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