Technical Welding

    Technical Welding
    Technical Welding
  • Instrument Grade
  • Dissimilar Metals / Exotic Alloys
  • NC Welding
  • Micro-TIG
  • Auto-TIG
  • Orbital Welding
  • Process Development
  • Outside Consulting Services
  • Customer specific weld space
  • WPS
  • Bold Joint Design

NKW's proprietary welding processes are extensive, and in many cases, unique. Our ability to join dissimilar metals (often, exotic alloys) makes repairs that are practically invisible. We can join extremely thin-walled tubing to thick walls and other solid metal objects – our skilled expertise at this is rarely matched. We periodically innovate new welding and related processes to meeting our customers' expanding range of performance requirements.

We primarily weld all Stainless Steels, Inconel, Hi-Temp Nickel alloys, Titanium, Copper Bases alloys, and some Carbon Steel and Aluminum.

We also have mastered thin wall welding: for example, welding very thin cross-sectioned tubing (down to .005" wall thickness) and dissimilar materials joining. On the other end, we can weld 1/2"+ thick cross sections with high amperage multi-pass filler welds.

For assembly operations, we use NC-type welding, Auto-TIG lathes, and Micro-TIG power supplies, along with microscopes that work together to finely control all welding specifications as required for various materials and joint configurations. These specialized welding power supplies use the latest AC Inverter technology that allows us to produce a hybrid AC/DC square wave pulse for Copper and Aluminum alloys.

NKW also provides consulting services to help customers defining welding parameters, develop new processes, and advise on weld joint design. These consulting services are available on a time and materials basis.

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