Our Customers

Customer locationThese comments were obtained by an outside, third-party, marketing consulting firm in 2015:

  • They provide real quality. Hands down they smoke anybody else.
  • NKW is very focused on quality.
  • They do what they tell us they are going to do and deliver on their promises.
  • Their products are very reliable.
  • I like their responsiveness. They bring their crew to talk to our manufacturing crew.
  • We've worked with them for many years and have a good history with them. We like working with the management team.
  • They respond fast and I trust the quality of their engineering.
  • The tools they did in '95 are still with us. They are better at engineering, manufacturing and supporting heat shields than anyone else. They are first class. Never had to return one. Perfect machining.
  • They treat small customers like the big guys...like we were number one. They always have answers and respond in a timely manner.
  • I can't think of a time that I ever got anything that wasn't done right. I use them when I can't afford for stuff to fail. I'll use them wherever I go!
  • They are very agreeable. I've never had to beat them down on price. If they felt like they needed to fix something they did it and didn't send a bill. They understand the big picture.
  • We feel that they have a good strong engineering team.
  • It is a plus that they can do manufacturing and limited builds.
  • We like that they can provide a complete turnaround. We go to them with engineering issues, they provide documentation and then turn around hardware and parts for us.
  • Nick is very professional. I can depend on him. He is a straight shooter. He doesn't exaggerate capabilities. We really appreciate his straight forwardness.
  • Their designs were well engineered and their manufacturing was done in good time. They delivered on time and came up with novel designs. They worked very well to adapt some of our ideas, as well.
  • They are good with exotic steels. The other locals may not have connections in getting the metals but NKW has them in stock and gives a bid fast.
  • They are first class. We've never had to return anything. Perfect machining.
  • NKW is known for heat. Anybody that needs what they offer will probably use NKW.
  • We provide our designs, but we rely heavily on them for their stamp of approval.
  • I deal with them when I need a small number of tools that must be right.
  • They've been good about communicating the type of products we buy from them. We look at them as a product company rather than a generalized machine shop.
  • We always look at them for pressure housings first.
  • We use them because they are fast and trusted on thermal analysis.
  • NKW owns the high pressure, high temperature market.
  • They are known for low volume, high quality specialty items – not generics.
  • It is better to use them for both engineering and actual manufacturing. They are really good at figuring out how to put widgets together.
  • We don't think of them as just a pure outsourced engineering firm – they're more than that. We want to give them the project and they'll evaluate and then build the prototype.
  • When their name comes up, you think pressure and temperature.
  • There is no one else for us in the flask space.
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