Thermal Testing


  • Two 20 ft (6m) long top loading 400F (204C) convection ovens. Calibrated and temperature balanced.
  • Two 20 ft (6m) long top loading radiant ovens rated to 1350F (732C). Calibrated and temperature balanced.
  • Data logging 60 channels at high frequency data capture rates
  • Thermocouple attachment methods including thermocouple welding and thermocouple temperature isolation

Thermal testing programs that were collaboratively designed with end users' engineering teams and performed by National K Works:

Testing the latching strength of an inserted connector assembly. A customer was experiencing intermittent communication failures on a logging tool in high temperature steam injection wells. The point of concern was a multi pin connector assembly within the tool joint. Each individual pin connector latched into a connector block. The individual pin connectors had beryllium copper cantilevered barbs that snapped into an internal shoulder within the connector block. The concern was that the beryllium copper was losing strength from exposure to the extreme temperatures. A test program was designed to verify the loss of strength caused by the high temperatures. A force gage was used to the measure the axial force required to strip the latch before and after exposure to high temperatures within the oven. The latch did indeed loose strength and the customer switched to a more expensive molded glass multi pin connector assembly.

Testing the image quality and light output of an optics system at various elevated temperatures

Verifying the behavior of a multi piece assembly of various metals with different thermal expansion rates.

Effectiveness of thermo electric cooler (Peltier cooler) for spot cooling discreet components within an uninsulated housing and the effectiveness to move rejected heat to housing and well bore.

Performance of uninsulated sensors at various elevated temperatures.

Convection thermal testing oven
Convection thermal testing oven for uniform heating of downhole tools
Data logging channels
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